Repair Stations

Below is a listing of our Repair Stations and the types of items we hope to be able to repair at them.

Not all Repair Stations will be operational at every Westside Repair Café event.  Our volunteer repairers may not be available for each and every event, so repair know-how will vary from event to event.  We will announce which Repair Stations will be offered 1-2 weeks prior to Westside Repair Café events.  Westside Repair Café Calendar listings will be updated as soon as we know the Repair Stations that can be supported for each event.  Please check our Upcoming Event Calendar for details prior to the date. 

Repair Station Descriptions:

A – Reception/Check-in Station

       Purpose: Welcome guests, screen hazardous/unacceptable items from entry, get paperwork started, direct people to Repair Stations, collect donations, provide advice on re-purposing and re-cycling, give repair shop referrals, collect completed paperwork, and record/post OTB Time Credits. 

B – Give-Away Table

       Purpose: Useful items in fair condition you no longer need are offered for free to other attendees.  This may include your non-repairable items.  Please take your un-adopted items when you leave.

C – Wardrobe Station

       Items repaired: clothing, costumes, shoes, slippers, purses, bags, belts, canvas items, cushions, stuffed animals, table cloths, gloves, luggage, backpack, sleeping bags. 

CR – Crafts, Repuposing Station

       Items repaired: baskets, clothing, art, bags, almost anything that can be kept out of landfills through creative reuse 

CS – Clothing Swap Table

       Purpose: clean wearable items in good condition offered for free to attendees 

D – Computers/Technology Station

       Items repaired: computers, game stations, media players, phones, hard disks, printers, scanners, software configurations, networking configurations, malware removal, keyboard cleaning.

E – Appliance/Electrical Station

       Items repaired: lamps, light fixtures, vacuums, switches, toasters, hand blenders, hair dryers, headphones, mixers, radios, phonographs, stereos, power tools, microwave ovens

F –Jewelry Station

       Items repaired: glasses, necklace, choker, bracelet, anklet, beads, strings, earrings, various jewelry, 

G – DIY Glue/String/Tape Station

       Items repaired: various items, pottery, vases, pots, pans, plates, porcelain items, collectibles, figurines, items from the other repair stations. 

H – Bicycle/Skateboard Station

       Items repaired: bicycle, tricycle, big wheels, skates, kick scooters, wheelchair, wheelbarrow, and some sports equipment.

       Related Services: provisional bicycle fitting, flat tire repair training 

I – Furniture/Wooden Toys Station

       Items repaired: toys, dolls furniture, chairs, stools, tables, picture frames, drawers, 

J – Sharpening Station

       Items sharpened: knives, lawnmower blades, scissors, chain saws, drill bits, axes, machetes, 

K – Plumbing/HVAC Station

       Items repaired: faucets, hoses, valves, portable air conditioners, sprinkler heads/nozzles, 

L – Gas Motored Apparatus Station

       Diagnostic and repair advice: Car, truck, motorcycle, scooter, lawnmowers, edger’s, trimmers, chain saws.


M – Refreshments Station

       Tasks: setup and cleanup, prepare snacks and drinks, offer refreshments to volunteers on-duty