Fun-A-Day group check Ins & making session

Saturday, January 6, 2018 - 11:00am

Every day in January, make a commitment to make art! A painting, a song, a photo, a poem, an illustrated word, a postcard, a dance, a drawing, a painted rock, a story, a melody, a video, a needlework, a quilt square, a sculpture or more! Amy Bauer & Richard Hecht of Dreamco Crafts ( leads Fun-a-Day-LA. Join folks around the country who are making January (and early February) Fun-A-Day month!

Make it fun and make it small enough that you can keep going with your daily practice no matter what January brings into your life. Weekly check-ins to keep you inspired; bring works in progress or just chat with fellow Fun-A-Dayers on Saturday mornings 11am-12pm at Camera Obscura Art Lab in Santa Monica. We'll have a little exhibit of everyone's work on Saturday, February 10 at the Camera. Make your commitment at